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Frankfurt am Main, 27 April 2021. The comprehensive retrospective “Self. Determined. The Painter Ottilie W. Roederstein” at the Städel Museum, scheduled to begin on 19 May 2021, will be postponed by one year. Due to the current pandemic situation in Germany and the far-reaching consequences for museum operations, the exhibition with seventy-five paintings and drawings that will provide a concentrated overview of the artistic development of the stylistically versatile painter, will now not be presented at the Städel Museum until the summer of 2022. The German-Swiss painter Ottilie W. Roederstein (1859–1937) was one of the outstanding women artists of the period around 1900. After studying in Zurich, Berlin, and Paris, she moved to Frankfurt am Main in 1891. In 1909, she then settled with her partner, the gynaecologist Elisabeth Winterhalter, in the neighbouring town of Hofheim am Taunus. As a freelance portrait painter, Roederstein was a constant in the maledominated art and culture scene and presented her works in numerous national and international exhibitions, from Zurich, Paris, and Frankfurt to London and Chicago. Today, despite her lively exhibition activity and her erstwhile reputation, the painter is virtually unknown to a wider public. Philipp Demandt, Director of the Städel Museum, on the postponement of the exhibition: “In several years of collaboration with the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Städel Museum has prepared a comprehensive retrospective on the artist Ottilie W. Roederstein. Our intention to honour this outstanding artist with a major exhibition has been thwarted by the pandemic situation in Germany and the far-reaching consequences for museum operations. We will not be able to open the exhibition as planned, which is why we have decided to postpone it until the summer of 2022. Such an important rediscovery as the artist Ottilie W. Roederstein deserves to be seen by a large audience”. Philipp Demandt adds further: “With ‘STÄDEL’S BECKMANN / BECKMANN’S STÄDEL’ and ‘New Ways of Seeing. The Photography of the 1920s and ’30s’, the Städel Museum offers a strong exhibition programme this summer. Looking ahead to the autumn, we anticipate uniform opening perspectives for museums in Germany; we are thus confident that we will be able to present our ROEDERSTEIN EXHIBITION OPENS IN SUMMER 2022 Page 2/2 major exhibition ‘Rembrandt in Amsterdam. Creativity and Competition’ to the public on schedule.” Overview of the Städel Museum’s special exhibition programme 2021: STÄDEL’S BECKMANN / BECKMANN’S STÄDEL. The Frankfurt Years Until 29 August 2021 New Ways of Seeing. The Photography of the 1920s and ’30s 30 June – 24 October 2021 Rembrandt in Amsterdam. Creativity and Competition 6 October 2021 – 30 January 2022 For more information, please visit our website:



With the start of the major Rembrandt exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada the Digitorial® developed by the Städel Museum especially for the show is now going live. As of today, anyone can check out the multimedia preparation course at: The Digitorial® provides background information on topics featured in the exhibition. The touring exhibit is first going on view from May 14 at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa before travelling to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, where it will open on 6 October under the title “Nennt mich Rembrandt! Durchbruch in Amsterdam”. The exhibition shows how Amsterdam set the stage for Rembrandt, a fledgling artist from Leiden, to emerge as the world-famous artist whose renown has never diminished. Rembrandt’s art is placed in direct dialogue with some stellar works by older and younger artists of his time. The apposite selection of Rembrandt’s works vividly reveals how he managed to make a name for himself within such a short space of time and, moreover, in the face of such enormous competition – on an art market already awash with pictures in one of the foremost trading capitals of the world: Amsterdam.
The free Digitorial® now offers a wealth of background historical information on the art and culture of the time. Innovative storytelling and an exploratory user interface convey the exhibition’s key themes in a clear and stimulating way. The Digitorial® provides answers to questions like: Why is Rembrandt known almost exclusively by his first name? What was his working environment like? What made Amsterdam in the mid-1600s so unique? Who were Rembrandt’s clients? Whose portraits did he paint? And how important were printmaking and drawing in his artistic practice overall? The digital offer not only features texts and interactive image galleries, but also audio snippets that add another sensory dimension, enriching the content. Available in German, English, and French, the digital offer is aimed at the museum-going public in both Ottawa and Frankfurt, as well as Rembrandt admirers all over the world.
In addition to the Digitorial® the catalogue for “Rembrandt in Amsterdam: Creativity and Competition” is now also available from the Städel’s Online Shop. The 384-page scholarly publication, available in either German or English, is published by Hirmer Verlag, Munich. Early-bird tickets for the exhibition at the Städel Museum can also be booked via the Online Shop at:

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